About me…

My name is Guy Waites, I began sailing 28 years ago from Ramsgate on the East Kent coastline, from the beginning my passion for sailing has never left me, sailing has been the common thread that has intertwined my life.

Since those early days I was fascinated by the world of the singlehanded sailor, reading many accounts of the first Golden Globe Race in 1968, ultimately there was only one finisher and winner of the 1968 race, Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, for whom I worked as the Skipper of Dare To Lead in the 2019-20 edition of the Clipper Round The World Race.

“I am delighted to support Guy Waites’ entry in the Golden Globe Race 2022. Since the first solo non stop around the world race in 1968/9 fewer than 200 people have completed a singlehanded non-stop circumnavigation of the globe, to this day it remains the greatest and toughest of all sporting challenges. It is an event for proper preparation, a strong and stubborn mental attitude and stamina in the face of nature unleashed in the raw.

I have known Guy for more than a year.  We have worked together in the Clipper Round The World Race where Guy has proved himself, not just as a first rate sailor and seaman but an inspirational leader. Those are the attributes that will enable him to achieve this ultimate challenge in sailing.”


So it is that I have “almost” come full circle, with the pandemic putting the Clipper Race on hold my attention is now totally focused on bringing Sagarmatha to the start line of the Golden Globe Race.


Where do we go from here…

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