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Golden Globe Race

  • To create a unique ‘RETRO’ non-stop solo around the world yacht race, in the image of the original Sunday Times Golden Globe that draws sailors back to the Golden Age of ‘one sailor, one boat’ facing the great oceans of the world.
  • To organise a race where adventure takes precedence over winning at all costs.
  • To professionally manage an event where the sailors skill and traditional seamanship alone, rather than modern technology or support crews, gets them home and where the achievement truly belongs to the skipper.
  • To give sailors of all ages an opportunity to race solo around the world safely, in a fleet of similar and affordable yachts in the spirit of Suhaili.

The Boat

  • Tradewind 35

About me

  • RYA Ocean Yachtmaster
  • 100 000 nautical miles of sailing experience
  • 5 singlehanded Atlantic crossings
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