No campaign gets over the start line without funding and a Golden Globe Race campaign is no exception but what makes the GGR2022 so different?

The solitude, the isolation, the endurance… up to 9 months immersed in the wilderness of the world’s oceans, alone against the elements.

What makes this race special is the human story, a story that doesn’t begin at race start in September 2022, it begins now!

So if you want to be part of this incredible adventure contact us here

Sponsorship opportunities:

Tier 1 (Main Sponsor) £30,000.00  Full branding exposure on the boat, full PR exposure, VIP treatment at events, and bespoke events leading up to the race, regular updates and exclusive interviews, presentations and meetings.

Tier 2 £10,000.00 We are looking for three sponsors at this level. It will include PR opportunities, and some branding exposure on Guy’s personal kit and supporters kit.

Tier 3 £5,000.00  We are seeking four sponsors at this level, it can be in kind or supplier equivalent. It will include inclusion of branding material and PR exposure to suit.

Read the facts about the Golden Globe Race 2018 in the media analysis here… https://cdn.goldengloberace.com/app/uploads/2019/09/2018_GGR_Media_Analysis_20190910.pdf

Each sponsor will enter into a contract agreed by both parties. Please also note that the GGR rules stipulate that a one off payment of £7,000.00 is required by GGR for gaining sponsorship support. We hope to split this between the tiers pro rata.

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